You won’t have any problems finding some delicious food as you take a look around Allen, Texas. You don’t have to pick from among the 200+ restaurants by yourself though. You can take a look at these four picks I have for you, and then you can decide where you want to grab a bite to eat. Are you ready for 4 top restaurant recommendations for Allen TX?

Two Rows Classic Grill is one of the picks, and its location is 711 Central Expressway South. This place is known for its brisket tacos, pizza, catfish platter and more. The catfish platter is served with what is coined honey pepper bacon, and that’s a unique touch. It makes the menu highlights. Taking a closer look at reviews, that specific bacon is used in a variety of dishes that are on the menu. So keep that in mind.

The next top restaurant recommendation is called Cowboy Chicken. You will find Cowboy Chicken at 190 East Stacy Road. Enchiladas are one of the menu highlights for this dining establishment. The twice baked potato is also a hit. People mention that this restaurant is right near the Allen Event Center, which is where you can watch an exciting hockey game.

The Brass Tap at 2590 North Watters Road is a pub known for its selection of craft beers. The sliders make the menu highlights, and people say that locals like to go there to enjoy happy hour. The Brass Tap is said to be quite the friendly place. Chicken tacos and shrimp are also on the menu at this place.

You can’t go wrong with a burger joint that people like, right? This last pick is called JC’s Burger House, and it’s located at 335 Central Expressway South. There are a few good places to get a burger in the area. People say that JC’s Burger House is where you can order up an old-fashioned burger. That seems like it might be the best option. What do you think?

For a bonus pick, I wanted to mention Frogg Cafe & Creperie. It seems like a unique dining establishment, and it’s still pretty high up there on the list, too. Those picks should help you find a good place to eat as you take a look around the city of Allen TX. You can always expect the best food when you know some great places to go.