If you are looking for great food, then Allen Texas is most definitely the place to be. There’s a wealth of restaurants to choose from, including Mexican, Italian, contemporary American, Chinese, classic soul food and even sushi. Here’s a quick look at some of our top picks for the best restaurants in the area.

La Finca Chiquita

This Mexican restaurant is an affordable, friendly family-owned restaurant that serves a great selection of foods, including some for vegetarians. It’s consistently high quality and as a result is often busy.

Mio Nonno

Mio Nonno is an Italian restaurant that always serves fresh, delicious food, including pizza and pasta dishes. It’s vegetarian-friendly and is well regarded for having great service and tasty food.

Sunview Cafe

The Sunview Cafe is an American cafe with a wide range of meals for meat eaters and vegetarians alike. It serves great food at any time of the day but is a hugely popular breakfast option with locals. It has a friendly atmosphere, and the food is great value for money.

Shiawase Japanese Restaurant

Adoption of Japanese food in the area is low compared to the popularity of Italian, Mexican and American but it’s gaining in popularity. If you fancy a treat, then the sushi here is always fresh and is accessible to any palate, while still being good for those who like the authentic taste.


This is a shop that does coal brick oven pizzas. It’s a truly luxurious meal, and if you try this you’ll never want to go back to a dial-a-pizza at home! The restaurant is not snobbish, however. Kids are welcome, and the atmosphere is chilled and friendly. This means that it’s a great introduction to good food for kids that have palates conditioned to diners and snacks.

Romana Cucina

This is often touted as being the best Italian Food in Allen, and it’s easy to understand why. It’s authentic, filling and hugely palatable, and it’s affordably priced too. The service is everything you would expect of a classic Italia restaurant, and it’s a nice and cozy setting too.

BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse

If you want to relax with a nice cool beer in somewhere that offers comfort food made to a reliable standard, then it’s hard to go far wrong here. It’s not somewhere that you’d go for a first date, but it’s ideal for chilling with friends and family.